Exciting weekend in the Swiss Alps

Founder's Retreat

Explore, pitch, and network: Meet founders and investors on the best weekend of the year!

  • Friendships & More

  • Together with many students with the same entrepreneurial spirit for a weekend in the Swiss Alps and developing more than friendship - maybe you will find your co-founders here!

  • Development & Fun

  • Dive into a market validation challenge! Meet and collaborate with fellow students, merging intense brainstorming with adventures. Innovate and explore in a stunning setting—perfect for both development and fun!

What you can expect

The very first unique
Market-Validation hackathon

Join us for the 2025 edition!

Introductory Workshops

Discover the entrepreneurial mindset with expert-led workshops. Explore success factors of great founders, gain insights into venture capital, and master rapid solution iteration.

Market Validation Challenge

Experience hands-on startup life! Solve real-world problems, gather direct user feedback, and gain unparalleled problem understanding. Simulate pre-product market fit (=early stage) real-life entrepreneurship in 24h.

Extraordinary People

Build meaningful connections within a supportive community of ambitious individuals. Network, collaborate, and learn alongside a diverse group of like-minded people in a competition-free environment!

Our Admission Process

A simple, yet effective three step process

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02. Get to know coffee

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Hear what our previous participants say

Magnus Müller

Crazy how much one can do in one day. We Spoke to more than 20 people on 3 different continents, from professional athletes to national team coaches.

It motivated me to push my bar and of course, I met many amazing people.

Lina Bousbina

Connecting with such inspiring individuals and experiencing an unforgettable weekend left me with fresh ideas, a new perception, and a heightened drive to excel in entrepreneurship. I am still in touch with people from the Founder’s retreat and I think that it is amazing to have such opportunity!

Christopher Perritaz

There is something truly unique when you gather with strongly motivated people. Retreated in the mountains, you get to experience what it really means to exchange and connect. It has unlocked something deeply inside of me. I was hesitant, scared, stressed. Getting acknowledged by your peers and putting your skills to contribution in a collaborative environment has opened me to a future full of confidence, filled with passion, marked by powerful ambitions

Anastasia Pushkarev

My experience at the Founder's Retreat was truly unique. I discovered a community of individuals as passionate about entrepreneurship as I am, which provided an amazing opportunity to collaborate with like-minded and motivated people. Together, we developed an idea from scratch, validating it through the guidance of various field experts, and received valuable feedback that opened doors for further development of our project.

Daniel Finell

It was great to have this hands on experience with useful feedbacks. From my side, the most enriching part was the lasting friendships created there! The weekend was insightful and pleasant, thanks Entrepreneur Club!

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